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All Products offered are British manufactured at a well equipped, dedicated manufacturing facility, using the latest technology and many years of related experience.


Our on-line list is only a small indication of what we can offer. Please contact us via Phone or
e-mail to discuss your requirements in detail.


We offer Early Replica Parts ranging from QD Wiring Harnesses for 1949 TR5 ’60-’62 Pre-unit TR6 and T120. This harness is also found on the BSA Gold Star, Rocket Gold Star and many other competition machines of the period.


We can supply a range of Front/Rear Fenders which are made on the original tooling with their mounting holes drilled or marked & ready to fit; such as: pre-war Singles, Speed Twin and T100, Post-war condition 1 and 2 Rigid Rears and Fronts, Rigid TR5 & G.P. Alloy Fenders, 1950′s 5T, 6T, T110 & Trophy Models, Deeply Valanced Fenders for ’58-’59 models, ’60 -’62 Duplex Sport Models, and most Unit Machines.


Also, we can supply a complete range of correct Fender Stays and Clips for the above.
(Some Fenders are available via Special Order Only with modest lead time).


We also offer a full range of Pre-Unit Center and Prop Stands, Lifting Handles, Front/Rear Number Plates and Rigid Rear Stands.


We also have available a full range of Tool Boxes (complete with lids) to fit individual models ranging from 1954 to 1962 that are ready to fit straight onto the machine.


A complete range of of Rigid Battery Carriers and Battery Straps for all models inclusive to 1962.


Air Filter assemblies are available for the Rigid Bikes and some of the Sports Cub models, and 3TA/5TA/650 Bath Tubs. We also have a full range of Air Hoses for all of the above.


The highest quality Chain Guards from Rigid to Unit are similarly produced along with a range of: Gearbox Covers, Front Engine Covers, Sump Guards, Headlamp Brackets, Duplex Lighting Switch Brackets, Rear Tank Mounts, Horn Brackets, Exhaust Mounting Brackets, Speedometer/Tachometer Mounts.


We also have available Nacelle Fork Shrouds produced in one pressing as factory originals. Our unique achievement has made possible the restoration of many 1950 ‘s Tiger/6T models and the 1959 Bonnevile.Some second-hand Tops available – call for details.


We also offer 4 types of Fuel Tank Strip Bands and Emblems with high quality chrome finish for Rigid and early swing arm models. Center Tank Strips and Tank Styling Strips are also available along with Chrome Wheel Embelishers for all full width Front Hub models. All items are made in England by a metal spinng facility which also produces QD Plug and Socket Units and Wheel Bearing Dust covers.


There is absolutely no point in purchasing the above products unless you use the right fasteners. Our fasteners range is vast and are made to Triumph factory specifications.


Whether you need a 1954 5T Wheel Spindle or the right Reduced Nut for a Manifold Stud, we can help!


We also have available Engine/Frame Stud Kits, Fuel Tank Mounting Kits and Rubbers, Gearbox Adjuster Nuts, Chronometric Bulb Holders, Primary Chain Case Oil Feed Screws and Exhaust Clamp Bolts.


The Range is huge and you will be pleased to hear that these parts are all available for order using the Original Part Numbers.